Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

We lost power last night. My husband had to leave for work about 9pm last night and around 9:30 the electricity went out. We were fine and lit candles and the fireplace. The kids made a pallet on the floor. We actually did a little school work and read a chapter of one of Tyler's books, Charlemagne.

Before we settled down by the fire, Tyler and I had to take care of the pool. We don't winterize it but leave it open year round. So when the electricity went out I was comcerned that the pipes might freeze up. So like little utility works we headed outside with flashlights and started wrapping the pipes with towels and packing tape. Then we found some plastic and covered the whole thing up. While we were outside we could hear and see large limbs snapping off our neighbors tree. Thankfully the pool is fine and the electricity came back on around 4:45 am.


homeschool101 said...

Beautiful pictures, but crummy situation. I hate having electricity out here. My kids become paranoid in turn making me paranoid and we all are up til the lights come back on with candles burning. Lol. But its fun time for us in a way because we just bond like in ways we dont quite often get to with electricity on.

Game playing is more fun I guess with no electricity. ?! Have a great day!

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