Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Last Week of Summer Vacation

I'm joining in again on the weekly wrap up meme hosted by Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. The first part of our week was pretty laid back. It seems like we did a lot of laying around and watching tv.

I made a mini office for Ashley. I got most of my printables from here. I also did a little bit of shopping and got some materials to make a flannel board. I have a ton of Sizzix dies so I will cut out of felt a bunch of shapes, including numbers and other math manipulative shapes. I think Ashley will enjoy using it for Math and for fun - creating scenes with the other shapes.

I completed Tylers schedule for the first month of school. He has a guide that we purchased for his core but I wanted to set up a schedule for everything else. Also there are some subjects that aren't scheduled everyday.
Samantha and I watched Pride and Prejudice (part 1) - very good! We got part 2 in the mail yesterday (netflix) but haven't watched it yet.

Ashley had a couple of friends over for the day. They had fun playing and swimming.
We visited with my brother and soon to be sister-in-law. They are moving to Austin, TX from Albany, NY. So on their long drive from NY to TX they stopped by to see us and other friends they have in the area. They were traveling with their dog and cat. Their dogs name is Shmelbe and he and our Chloe had fun playing together.

We also had huge storms in our area that evening, lots and lots of rain. A tornado actually hit a mall about 30 minutes from us. I even had a friend who was in the section of the mall that got hit. Thankfully, she, her husband and their baby are okay but their van was totaled. At our house, our yard flooded and mud ended up in our pool again. Our sun room flooded as well. This is the second time this has happened. Today, Jeff did a little investigating out behind our fence line. Short story is we have calls into a couple of people who need to take a look at a ditch that was being used to keep rain water out of a subdivision back behind our property. This ditch is aimed right at our yard and is so overgrown that water is not being diverted properly and is instead flooding our yard and the yards of a few others.

So anyways we have a couple of days (and a couple of hundred dollars) of trying to clean up the pool.

We spent today vacuuming up the pool. Tonight I need to get to bed early because a friend and I are going to yard sales early tomorrow morning.


Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Oh, that's awful about the flooding! I hope you can get the ditch taken care of. Sounds like the city should be responsible for that. I'm glad your friend and her family are okay.

Giggly Girls said...

I'm new to the weekly wrap-up and I'm just checking out blogs.

It appears that we have some similar tastes in curriculum. =o) I'm a Sonlight user who's supplementing with some of Winter Promise's hands-on activities.

We've enjoyed notebooking in the past but why should I make my own pages when WP has done them so nicely for me? LOL

Cheryl said...

I've always wanted our own pool...but especially in situations like that, it is a lot of work.

It sounds like a great week though, I love having house guests!

Lisa said...

Giggly Girls, this will be our first time using Sonlight. The schedule was a little intimidating but I know it is ok if we don't do it all. My daughter loves to read so I think she will enjoy it. We haven't notebooked before but did do lapbooks last year and the kids did not care for them. I think the notebooking will be a better fit especially for my son.

Kris and Cheryl, we are supposed to get heavy rains again today or tonight! We are praying that the weatherman is wrong since that is his usual m.o. :)

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