Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up:It Snowed!

This week has been good. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened except that we got snow today!! Well, it was more sleet than snow but it was still exciting for us since it is something we usually don't see a lot of around here. The kids wanted to just take the day off since all their non-homeschooling friends had off but I stuck to my guns and they got their work record time I might add. Snow is definitely a motivator! (I did suspend spelling and grammar.) We are supposed to get some more snow/sleet tonight.

Not much to say about this week. I guess I will talk about my 1st grader and language arts. I am so amazed at how well she reads. Right now we are using a Christian Liberty reader called Meeting New Friends. We have an older edition we got for free. The book has phonics charts (which I really like) and vocabulary words plus short stories. We also read our scheduled book from the Beyond Little Hearts for his Glory schedule. Currently, we are making our way through the Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book One. It is a great book because not only does Ashley get to practice reading but she is also getting to learn about the world around her. We also have comprehension questions with this reader or sometimes she will just narrate back what she has read. I will definitely be incorporating book 2 into our curriculum next year. We are almost done with Explode the Code book 4. I like these books but I am not sure she is really getting it so I am going to change things up a little. I am going to order Christian Liberty's Phonics book for 1 st grade. I will start it next month and continue with it throught the summer. If we like it then I will use their 2nd grade book next year. We also started using First Language Lessons back in December. This book is awesome! It is such a simple approach to introducing grammar. The lessons are short but to the point. I can really see the learning taking place as Ashley works each day. We started out the year with Language Lessons for the Very Young and I am continuing with this book as well. We use this book twice a week but I am skipping over the copywork since I feel she is getting enough of this through handwriting and First Language Lessons.

I am looking forward to next week, getting my haircut and getting back to normal temps.
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Giggly Girls said...

We got some unexpected snow too. It came today though, so it wasn't much of a motivator for us. LOL

We use FLL and love it. We're on level 3 and it just keeps getting better. We use it along with Writing With Ease. Same publisher.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

We were supposed to get a bit of snow, but all we got was rain.

I always loved using the Christian Liberty Nature Readers! One of my favorite resources.


chubbycheeks said...

My first grader loves the nature readers also. He doesn't even complain about reading it.

Anonymous said...

We love the Nature Readers. Love them. Seems like a nice week. Keep warm.

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